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Are you also buying vegetables for the whole week at once? If yes, then be careful, it may happen.

Vegetables Using Tips: Eating green vegetables is beneficial for health. Seasonal vegetables have many benefits. By consuming them the body remains absolutely healthy. Doctor’s advice is that if we eat vegetables of different colors every day then our health will remain completely healthy. However, it is important to take care of some things. So that the health of seasonal vegetables can be fully benefited. Let us know…

way to eat vegetables

1. One should not eat a piece of bread dipped in vegetable gravy. In every bite, the quantity of vegetables should be equal or double as compared to rice or chapatti.

2. One bowl of green vegetables should be eaten in the morning and evening. Since the body cannot store the vitamins B and C present in vegetables, they are needed every day.

3. Soaking the pulses for about 10-12 hours before cooking removes some harmful elements.

4. Potatoes contain abundant amount of starch just like rice and roti. Therefore, potatoes do the same thing for the body as rice and bread do.

5. Leafy vegetables like cabbage and spinach should be separated and washed thoroughly before eating them as salad. It should be kept immersed in lukewarm water for 5 minutes.

6. If you go to eat at any party, avoid salad. Actually, these are raw vegetables and if they are not washed properly then there is a risk of infection.

7. Do not eat the salad that is being cut and sold on the roadside.

Why should seasonal vegetables be eaten?

1. Eating green vegetables is beneficial. Less pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used in growing seasonal vegetables. Therefore their taste also remains good.

2. Fresh vegetables contain a good amount of fiber, which helps in digesting food and prevents dehydration in the body.

3. Eating green vegetables helps in blood level maintenance, eyesight, nerve health, skin and face glow, weight control.

How to use green vegetables

1. To ensure that the body gets enough of the nutrients found in vegetables, the method of purchasing them and cooking them should be correct.

2. Many people go to the market once a week and buy vegetables for the whole week. This method is both right and wrong. This method is suitable only for those vegetables which do not spoil easily.

3. Buy only those vegetables which are fresh. Never buy withered vegetables.

4. Buy vegetables during the day and not at night, because their color cannot be seen in artificial light when it is dark.

5. When you buy vegetables, first wash them in strong running water. While doing this, keep turning the vegetables.

6. After washing the vegetables, keep them in a big tub or vessel and then add salt or vinegar in lukewarm water and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes.

7. By washing vegetables thoroughly in lukewarm water before cutting, there is no need to wash them after cutting and the vitamins and minerals remain safe.

8. While cooking vegetables, keep in mind that the nutrients present in them can be obtained as much as possible. Avoid dry frying vegetables for taste.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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