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Diabetic patients are more at risk of this cancer, even a little carelessness can prove costly.

Diabetes And Cancer: Today the whole world is in the grip of diabetes. Every year a large number of people are becoming victims of diabetes. The biggest concern is that now children are also getting diabetes. According to health experts, diabetes is most dangerous because many other diseases follow it. After being affected by diabetes, the risk of diseases ranging from eyes to kidney, liver and heart can increase. It has also been found in many researches that the risk of colon cancer is also increasing in diabetic patients. Therefore everyone should be careful. Know what research says…

Is diabetes a risk of cancer?

According to a report published in the JAMA journal, the risk of colorectal (colon) cancer can be up to 47 percent higher in people suffering from diabetes. Every year lakhs of people lose their lives due to colon cancer. Therefore, health experts advise to avoid any kind of carelessness regarding diabetes.

Get tested for diabetes immediately

According to health reports, cases of colorectal cancer among diabetic patients have increased rapidly in the last five years. According to health experts, it is very important to check for this cancer in diabetic patients, so that this fatal danger can be avoided in time.

How is colon cancer diagnosed?

Through the process of colonoscopy, the entire colon of the patient i.e. inside the large intestine is examined. During this procedure, a special type of long and flexible tube called a colonoscope is used. According to research, diabetic patients should be examined from time to time as per the doctor’s advice, so that the possibility of this cancer can be identified on time and it can be prevented.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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