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Do you also feel upset before exams? Know the reason from the expert

Often you must have seen that some people start having stomach ache or upset stomach before the exam. Perhaps this might have happened to you or to people you know. Let us know today why this happens. Due to exam stress, some children start having such problems.

Besides, some children also get upset stomach. There is no need to worry, this happens to children due to stress, which is directly related to your gut health. Let us tell you that stress affects the digestive system. For this reason, some children suffer from stomach related problems before the exams.

Stomach related problems due to stress

According to the dietician, hormones and neurotransmitters are involved in stress. Are released. It affects the intestines. This increases the blood circulation towards the stomach. Due to this, problems like gurgling in the stomach, upset stomach, stomach cramps as well as stomach ache start occurring. But this problem occurs only for some time. It gets resolved on its own at the time of giving the exam or after the exam. Also, children eat some outside snacks while studying which is unhealthy. Due to which stomach related problems start happening before the exam.

Lack of water

Dehydration before the exam is also a big reason. Drinking less water also affects digestion. Lack of water causes constipation, gas, stomach cramps and restlessness. 

Lack of sleep

Most of the time is spent in preparation for the exam. It passes. In such a situation, many times one is unable to get complete sleep while studying at night. It blocks digestive enzymes and hormones  Affect.

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