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Do you also remain hungry all day long to lose weight? If yes, then be careful, otherwise…

Weight Loss Tips: Most people believe that being hungry reduces their weight. Therefore, to lose weight, they eat very little food and only once a day. This also leads to weight loss, hence the trend of this habit in dieting is also increasing. But do you know that it can also have many serious disadvantages. Skipping meals or staying hungry reduces weight but can lead to many serious problems. Let us know what the experts say…

Is losing weight harmful to health?

According to health experts, eating less food has never been a good option for weight loss. Losing weight in this way can be dangerous and harmful for health. It is also not necessary that every person loses weight only by eating less. This can happen in 8 out of 10 cases, but trying such methods is not at all good for the body.

What do experts say

According to experts, weight loss depends on how many calories you are consuming and burning during the day. Weight increases if calorie intake is high and is not burnt properly. The method of losing weight by eating less is not right at all. This is because this method can cause deficiency of nutritional elements in the body. Eating less food can weaken the body and increases the risk of many diseases. By doing this the immune system of the body also weakens. Due to dieting, there is deficiency of many vitamins and proteins. In such a situation, the fear of malnutrition also remains. Many such cases have already come up. Sometimes the obsession with losing weight can also land you in trouble. Therefore, one should not think of losing weight through such methods.

what is a good way to lose weight

According to experts, if you want to lose weight then the best way to do it is to exercise. Keep exercising even if you eat too much. This will keep burning fat and calories and weight will not increase. Everyone must exercise for at least 15 minutes every day.

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