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Do you have a heater in your house? Keep these things in mind, because it is making you sick…

Keeping the house warm in winter is a big thing in itself. Because if even a little cold air comes into the room, it can cause problems for you. Room heater plays a very important role in protecting from cold. To avoid cold, we use room heaters in homes and blowers in cars. But if you also use a blower or heater then you should take some precautions. Excessive use of room heater has many side effects. Room heaters and car blowers emit carbon monoxide gas which can be very dangerous for health.

Room heater is a silent killer
One should not sleep in the room with the room heater on for a long time. Especially children should never be made to sleep with the room heater on. Carbon monoxide, the gas emitted from room heater, is a silent killer which can prove to be very harmful for the body.

Use room heater carefully in winter

According to experts, room heater should be used carefully in winter. The room heater should be operated for short periods only. One should never make the mistake of sleeping with the heater on at night. Otherwise it can also be fatal. Experts say that if the ventilation in a room is not proper, then running the heater overnight fills the room with carbon monoxide gas and can reduce oxygen. In such a situation, breathing may even stop while sleeping. Therefore one should avoid making such mistakes. Humidifier can be used to reduce the side effects of room heater. Asthma and respiratory patients should run the heater as little as possible.

5 serious disadvantages of running room heater

1. According to experts, room heater works to dry the air in the room, which can cause skin dryness. People with already dry skin should avoid room heaters completely.

2. Running the room heater excessively affects the eyes also. This can cause dryness in the eyes and a feeling of irritation. If this happens, turn off the heater immediately.

3. Some people are also allergic to room heater. The nose can also become dry due to the hot air coming out of it.

4. Asthma or respiratory patients should not stay in the room heater for long. Otherwise the oxygen level in the room may decrease, which may cause breathing problems.

5. Carbon monoxide gas coming out from room heater is dangerous for health. This is the reason why use of room heater for a long time should be avoided.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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