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For this reason, women live longer than men! It has a special relationship with chromosomes

Women have more lives than men? On hearing this, anyone will definitely be surprised for a while whether this is true? Because men are taller than women. Everything from their muscles to their body structure is different. In everyday life, men appear more powerful than women. Whereas according to medical term men are weak. Men live less than women and they also suffer more diseases. Men are considered the weaker gender. Now medicines have come in the market to fight diseases. But they are considered weaker than women in many respects.

Harvard Medical’s special research

A special research has been done on men and women in Harvard Medical. From the time a child remains an embryo, it becomes separate as male and female. However, both have 23 pairs of chromosomes. 22 pairs of chromosomes are the same in both sexes but the 23rd pair becomes different. In men, the 23rd pair contains an Y chromosome is one third less than X chromosome. It has very few genes compared to X. Some Y chromosomes in men are linked to diseases and this is the reason why men have less life expectancy than women.

Hormones and Good Cholesterol

Testosterone hormone in men is a symbol of their masculinity. Testosterone damages the heart muscles prematurely. Due to which heart disease occurs. At the same time, estrogen hormone in women’s body protects the heart and body. This is the reason why women suffer less from heart related diseases. Good cholesterol is beneficial for the heart. Good cholesterol in women is 60.3 mg per deciliter whereas in men it is only 48.5. Due to which the risk of heart disease is reduced.

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