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Ginger Health Risk: Excessive use of ginger can cause these problems in the body

Whenever there is a change in the weather, seasonal diseases start wreaking havoc on people. Like the summer season, winter also brings with it many diseases. The same people who run away from hot things in summer, start getting closer to them in winter. Because drinking hot things in this season brings heat to the body. In winter, people mostly drink ginger tea or its decoction. Since ginger has a hot nature, consuming it reduces the feeling of cold. But do you know that consuming it in excess can cause many physical problems? Today we will tell you about some problems caused by excessive consumption of ginger in the body.

Disadvantages of excessive consumption of ginger

1. Stomach irritation: Even though ginger provides warmth to the body, consuming it in excess can cause problems like stomach irritation, acid formation, gas and constipation. However, if you consume it in small quantities after eating, it can reduce the problem of flatulence.

2. Affects blood clotting: Ginger has properties that can thin the blood. However, its excessive consumption can affect blood clotting. Consuming it in excess can increase the problems of those people who are taking blood thinning medicines.

3. Blood sugar level may reduce: Including excessive ginger in food may interfere with insulin levels. Due to this the blood sugar level may suddenly decrease.

4. Burning sensation in mouth: If you consume too much ginger then this problem can bother you. Therefore, use ginger in limited quantity as much as possible.

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