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Health is being played with in the name of cheese, this food outlet accused of fraud

Health Alert: If you are also fond of eating McDonald’s burgers and nuggets, then this news may surprise you. Famous food chain McD’s in Maharashtra was using fake cheese instead of real cheese nuggets in its burgers and nuggets. Maharashtra FDA has exposed this big mess that is happening with your health in the name of tests. It is noteworthy that the FDA had initiated action in this regard against the Kadegaon outlet of McDonald’s in Ahmednagar in October last year., In which the investigating agency got information about this fraud. Acting on this, the agency showed the outletCase notice issued. The FDA found in its investigation that the outlet was using inferior quality cheese substitutes in its products.

After this the license of McDonald’s outlet in Ahmednagar was suspended. Not only this, The agency has also issued instructions to the outlets to remove the word Paneer from other products made from Paneer. However, McDonald’s appealed against this action. But his explanation in this regard was found inadequate.

McDonald’s Wrote a letter to FDA saying that the food chain has changed the name of the products by removing the word cheese. Usually, Cheese substitutes traditional, Texture of real cheese, are made by imitating color and taste. In this regard, FDA Commissioner Abhinyanyu Kale issued a statement saying that, Cheese nuggets to officers during inspection, Like cheesy dip and cheese burgers at least 8 No such label found on analogs of food products, So that information can be obtained that some other alternative is being used instead of cheese. 

Kale further said in his statement, ‘Omitting such important details is completely misleading to consumers and may have adverse health effects.It is worth noting that even before this, McDonald’s has allegedly been accused of using such vegetable oil instead of milk or dairy products in its food products., Whose cost and quality are both low.

Now FDA’s effort is to take strict action against McD at statewide and national level for using substandard products so that the outlet does not compromise in any way with the quality of its food products and the health of consumers. Till now McDonald’s has No major statement has been issued in this regard. However, according to some reports, a spokesperson of Foodchain has given clarification in this regard and saidWe would like to assure our customers that we only use genuine products in all our products, Use quality cheese.


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