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If the medicine is taken within 72 hours of the onset of cough then mucus may accumulate, know what till then

Cough Ayurvedic Remedies: Some people suffer from cough due to changes in weather and cold winds. Asthma patients or allergy sufferers may have more trouble with cough. This is a season in which immunity is weak, hence special care should be taken about eating habits and lifestyle. It is not good to eat too much fried food during cough. Sometimes cough also occurs due to pollution. If there is fever along with cough during the changing weather, then it can be a sign of infection in the respiratory tract or lungs. If the fever is high and lasts for more than three days, consult a doctor and get treatment. In case of normal cough or low fever, home remedies can be used for three days. After this you can go towards medicine.

Ayurveda remedy will cure cough

To stop cough, one should avoid antibiotics or antiallergy medicines for 72 hours i.e. three days after the onset of cough. Starting these medicines too early can cause the mucus in the chest to accumulate there. This will not completely eliminate the problem. In case of asthma or TB or serious respiratory problems, one can take the help of allopathy along with Ayurveda.

what to do when you cough

1. Brush your teeth with neem instead of toothpaste and brush in the morning.

2. At any time during the day, keep 20-25 ml sesame or coconut oil in the mouth for 5 to 7 minutes and then gargle.

3. Mix 2 pinches of salt in 50 ml mustard oil, heat it for two minutes and massage the chest.

4. Apply sesame or mustard or almond oil in the nose in the morning.

5. Drink 2 to 3 liters of lukewarm water throughout the day.

6. If you have a sore throat, mix rock salt in lukewarm water and gargle. Mixing alum in lukewarm water is also beneficial.

What to do during the day when you cough

1. Cough can be cured by sucking liquorice, basil or medicines mentioned in Ayurveda.

2. If you go to a doctor or physician, ask to check your throat.

3. Mix turmeric powder in lukewarm water and gargle two to three times a day.

4. Take two to three grams of liquorice powder mixed with half a teaspoon of honey.

5. In case of sore throat, mix 5 drops of basil or ginger juice in 1 teaspoon honey and drink it at least three times a day.

Do Kunjal Kriya in case of cough.

After freshening up in the morning, take at least 2-3 liters of lukewarm water on an empty stomach and mix salt in it. Now sit in a squat position and drink this water until you feel that you cannot drink it anymore. After this, stand straight and wait for 2-4 minutes and then bend down and touch the root of the tongue with the middle finger of the straight hand. Doing this will cause vomiting. Water will come out of the mouth. Once the water comes out, you can do this two to three times. This activity helps in controlling any kind of cough and digestive problems.

Do pranayam to control cough

Anulom-Vilom- 5 minutes

Deep breathing – at least 10 times

Ujjayi Pranayam – at least 20 times

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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