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If you feel hungry even when your stomach is full, be careful! Do you think this is a serious disease?

Binge Eating Disorder: If you are feeling hungry despite your stomach being full, then be careful. Because eating more than required and just eating all the time is a sign of a serious disease. It is also called Binge Eating Disorder. This is a psychological habit, which is very important to get treated on time. If you also have this kind of habit then you should immediately consult a doctor. Because if not treated on time, it can cause many serious problems. Let us know what binge eating disorder is and what serious diseases it can causeā€¦

binge eating disorder

Many people eat more on weekends or any special occasion. However, this does not come under binge eating disorder. If this is happening continuously then it is a matter of concern. After falling prey to binge eating disorder, it is not easy to control eating. Shortly after eating food, one starts feeling like eating something.

What are the symptoms of binge eating disorder?

1. A person with binge eating disorder may have common symptoms of overweight or obesity.

2. Eating more food within a fixed time i.e. about 2 hours.

3. Lack of control over the desire to eat.

4. Ignoring what is happening around while eating.

5. Eating despite being full.

Disadvantages of binge eating disorder

1. Vomiting and diarrhea after eating too much.

2. Being a victim of binge eating disorder can have a negative impact on heart health.

3. Risk of stroke and heart attack due to obesity and excess fats.

4. Problems related to binge eating can also affect mental health. Depression, stress and many mental problems can occur.

5. Due to binge eating disorder, bones can become weak and the risk of osteoporosis increases.

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