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If you want to avoid cold wave then do these things, otherwise 5 types of health problems will increase.

Cold Wave: Cold winds in winter can cause serious harm to health. Therefore it is advised to avoid it. Those who go out for a morning walk or do outdoor exercise need to take more precautions. Actually, cold wave itself is called cold wave. Due to this, many types of health problems can increase. According to health experts, in this the blood arteries start getting narrowed, which affects the blood circulation, which increases heart related problems. Due to this, there may also be difficulty in breathing. Know what health problems can occur due to cold wave and what are the ways to avoid it…

1. Hypothermia

If you are in the grip of cold wave for a long time then the body temperature may drop. This may cause hypothermia. This may result in shivering, inability to speak properly and difficulty in thinking and understanding. All these can be quite dangerous.

2. Having a weak immune system

There is a risk of weakening the immune system due to excessive exposure to cold waves. Due to this, many types of diseases can occur easily. The risk of viral, cold and cough can also increase manifold.

3. Respiratory problems

Cold and snowy winds can trigger respiratory problems like asthma. This can cause difficulty in breathing and the risk of respiratory infection can increase significantly. Due to this, the problem of cold can also increase.

4. Heart related problems

In winter, pressure on the heart increases, due to which blood pressure and heart rate can increase. Cold wave can be dangerous for heart patients. This may increase the risk of stroke or heart attack.

5 Joint and muscle pain

The problem of arthritis increases significantly during the winter season. Exposure to cold winds can cause stiffness in the muscles. This may cause problem in walking. Therefore one should stay away from cold wave.

Ways to avoid cold wave

1. Wear clothes in layers.

2. Protect yourself from getting wet in winter.

3. Stay indoors as much as possible.

4. Do not reduce drinking water and keep eating fruits, vegetables and soups.

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