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If you want to be fit like beauties like Rashmika Mandanna-Janhvi Kapoor then do kettlebell workout.

Kettlebell Exercise : To stay fit, it is most important to work out every day. Big celebrities also include exercise in their routine. Rashmika Mandanna and Janhvi Kapoor are also included in these. Both of them often post about their fitness routine on social media. His workout includes everything from running to resistance bands. From Rashmika to Janhvi, everyone likes kettlebell exercise. Recently, Rashmika Mandanna has also shared a video of herself doing a workout. Let us know what is kettlebell exercise and how it can be doneā€¦

kettlebell exercises

Kettlebell workout is done with an iron ball. Which are called kettleballs. These are used like dumbbells. Kettlebell is an intense exercise. By doing this both the strength and stamina of the body increases. This exercise is considered best for strengthening the body core. This exercise is considered great for the overall body. It has many benefits (Kettebell Exercise Benefits)…

Benefits of kettlebell exercises

1. Helpful in reducing weight and obesity

2. Provides exercise to shoulders, hands and arms.

3. Body flexibility increases, which keeps the body fit.

4. Helps in burning calories.

5. Strengthens the back and waist muscles.

Do not make these mistakes during kettlebell exercise

1. Do kettlebell exercises only under the supervision of a trainer.

2. Being a high-intensity exercise, one has to work hard, so while doing this workout for the first time, follow the guidelines of the trainer only.

3. To do exercise properly, include nutrients in the diet.

4. High protein and high fiber diet High-intensity diets are important for workouts. Be sure to eat whole grains, green vegetables and fresh fruits.

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