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Is dal cooked in cooker dangerous for health? This disease happens!

The custom of eating certain things has been there for a long time in Indian culture. Take pulses as an example. Dal is very important in lunch in Indian kitchen. Dal is prepared in different ways in different places of India. But the problem with many people is that when they eat pulses, they face the problem of bloating and fat. It is said about such people that they do not digest pulses properly. When an attempt was made to find out the reason behind this, it was found that cooking pulses in a pressure cooker increases uric acid. 

Cooking pulses in a pressure cooker increases uric acid. ?

Eating food items that contain purine content can increase uric acid. Foods like red meat but pulses do not contain so much purine that eating them will increase uric acid. Is it necessary to form foam on the pulses? >

For your information, let us tell you that the foam that forms on the dal is due to saponin, protein and starch. This saponin is found in pulses in limited quantities. These are not dangerous for our body. Because it works like an antioxidant for us. If you are cooking dal in a pressure cooker then there is no need to remove this foam. 

If you want to control the increased uric acid then do this work

If uric acid is increased in the body then you should start with water. Drink plenty of water whenever you get a chance. Control your eating. While eating, be sure to keep in mind what and how much you are eating. So that uric acid remains under control. 

The amount of purine in some pulses is less. While eating pulses, choose green or brown pulses, it is beneficial for health. 

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