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Many people have heart attacks in 2023, so that this does not happen to you next year… so do these things

Healthy Heart Tips: The old year (Year ender 2023) is coming to an end and the sound of the new year (New year 2024) is being heard. People are ready to welcome different types of New Year. Party hard on the New Year but ensure that your health remains as healthy as your heart on the New Year. Let us tell you that the last year has been very bad in terms of heart disease. Not only India, the entire world is struggling with heart related risks after the Corona period. The cases of heart attack and stroke have increased significantly compared to the last few years and in such a situation, it is important for you to make some special efforts to stay healthy in the new year. Know here what you have to do to avoid heart related risks next year.

Do these things to avoid heart related diseases

Focus on physical activity

In the New Year, take a pledge to exercise, walk and do yoga every day. This will keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of heart attack.

Make regular checkups a habit

If you are a heart patient then it is important for you to get it checked regularly. Therefore, keep getting regular and timely checkups done as per the doctor’s advice. If you are taking any medicine in this regard then keep taking it regularly.

It is important to control BP

Increased BP is considered a major cause of heart attack. Generally people do not pay attention to increase in BP and in such a situation the risk of heart attack increases. Therefore, keep monitoring BP from time to time. If you are taking BP medicine then keep taking it regularly.

It is important to control obesity

Obesity has become a major cause of BP, sugar and heart related diseases. If you have fallen prey to this, then try to control obesity in the new year.

Focus on plant best diet

Instead of eating fried, non-vegetarian food, focus on plant-based diet. This will reduce your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack. Stay away from alcohol and smoking.

stay away from stress

If you want to stay away from heart related risks, you will also have to stay away from stress. In the new year, try to stay away from stress, anxiety and tension. Focus on your hobbies and spend time with family. Try to get the necessary sleep to stay healthy.

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