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Mercury will reach 7 degrees by 11th December, take care of your health like this

December 2023 Weather: The month of December has started and now the mercury is slowly starting to fall. The Meteorological Department has estimated that due to western disturbance becoming active from December 11, severe cold wave may start in North India. It is being estimated that the process of falling temperature has started and by December 11 the mercury may go up to 7 degrees. Even though the sun is warming during the day in Delhi NCR, fog and severe cold have started in many districts of Punjab, Haryana and North India. In such a situation, the harshness of winter is going to start soon and in this season, taking care of health becomes the first priority. Falling temperature has many effects on health and special care should be taken of the health of children and the elderly in this season. Let us know how health can be taken care of when the mercury falls.

These problems increase in cold

In severe winter the temperature goes down considerably. In such a situation, along with cold and cough, many other problems arise. Especially children, old people and sick people need more care. During cold wave i.e. severe cold, along with seasonal diseases, more complaints of respiratory diseases, joint pain, pneumonia, flu, heart related problems, arthritis and low blood pressure are seen.

Take these precautions

Keep children and elderly people especially dressed in warm clothes. Keep warm clothes with you while going out. Eat hot food to keep the body warm. Try to drink lukewarm water. Prevent immunity from becoming weak because weak immunity becomes the cause of diseases. If you have any kind of disease, take the medicine on time. If there is a heart patient in the house, then take proper care of him. During cold wave, go out only by covering your ears and hands properly. If you exercise, avoid exercising in extreme cold in the morning. To ward off cold, include Ayurvedic food in your diet. Cold goes away with tea made from basil, ginger and black pepper.

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