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Now cancer will be treated with medicine worth just Rs 100! Know what research says

Cancer Treatment: Doctors at Tata Institute in Mumbai have claimed to have created a medicine through which it will be easier to treat the fourth and final stage of cancer i.e. Metastatic Cancer. Metastatic cancer is called stage 4 cancer in which cancer cells break away from the main site and spread to other parts of the body. In order to reduce the risk of this metastatic cancer, the doctors of Tata Institute have developed ‘Nutraceutical Therapy’ in which the combined pro-oxidant tablet of resveratrol and copper will be used.

Will help prevent cancer from occurring again

This medicine will help in reducing the risk of fourth stage cancer. Let us tell you that till now even after complete treatment of cancer, cancer cells used to attack the body again, but this medicine will help in preventing this from happening.

Claim made in research

Dr. Indranil Mitra of Advanced Center for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC) hospital located in Mumbai said that doctors first conducted research on rats and human cancer cells were inserted into the bodies of rats. After a few days, cancer developed in the rats. After this he was treated through radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. In this common and popular treatment, cancer cells were broken into small pieces and destroyed, but some cells spread to other parts of the body, increasing the risk of cancer recurrence. Dr. Indranil Mitra said that after this, the rats were given a combination pro-oxidant tablet of resveratrol and copper under ‘nutraceutical therapy’, which showed different and unexpected results.

Now cancer treatment can be done for ₹100?

In this research of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, it has been claimed that after giving combined pro-oxidant tablets of resveratrol and copper, there was success in neutralizing chromatin particles in the body. These chromatin particles again create the risk of cancer in the body. It is being said that the copper-resveratrol combined pro-oxidant has been made as a home remedy. Which also proves to be effective in preventing the side effects occurring during the last stage of cancer.

Waiting for drug approval

Doctors say that the results have been good and now this tablet is waiting for the approval of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Let us tell you that this tablet is much cheaper than other cancer treatments and its price is only Rs 100. This medicine will also reduce the side effects of chemotherapy used to eliminate cancer and will also prevent the possibility of getting cancer a second time. If the medicine is approved then it will be available in the market in three to four months.

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