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Now this is how you can get rid of alcohol addiction, this trick can be useful

Reduce Alcohol Intake: Alcohol addiction can cause serious harm to health. Many types of problems can arise due to this. Many people want to stay away from alcohol but despite their best efforts they are unable to get rid of this addiction. Now researchers have discovered a trick to get rid of alcohol addiction. With the help of which alcohol addiction can be reduced (How to Quit Alcohol). This is a kind of strategy, which has been made by combining many studies in 2021. Let us know how we can get rid of alcohol addiction with this trick.

drinking too much alcohol is dangerous

Drinking excessive alcohol is more dangerous than cancer. Drinking too much alcohol can cause various health problems. This increases the risk of premature death, heart disease, digestive problems and dementia. Simon Pettigrew, an economist and psychologist at The George Institute for Global Health, has studied alcohol and cancer. Positive results were seen in the participants of this study and alcohol consumption reduced among them.

What is this study?

About a thousand people were included in this study. In the study conducted in three phases, 7,995 people participated in the first survey. Three weeks later, 4,588 people completed the second survey and after three weeks again 2,687 people completed the last survey. All the participants are divided into different groups. They were given information about different advertisements and messages related to drinking alcohol.

What is the link between alcohol and cancer

A TV ad linking alcohol to cancer, along with advice on counting drinks, was the most effective way to encourage people to drink less. It was found that the participants reduced their alcohol consumption for 6 weeks. However, Simon Pettigrew has stressed the lack of awareness among many people regarding alcohol being a carcinogen. They found that alcohol also causes cancer.

How many deaths due to alcohol consumption?

Alcohol consumption contributes to 7 percent of all premature deaths worldwide. Therefore it is important to be aware about this. In such a situation, this study can help in reducing it and it can save millions of lives.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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