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People who do not smoke cigarettes can also get lung cancer, this is the biggest risk factor.

According to a report of ‘World Health Organization’, lung cancer patients have the highest number of deaths due to cancer. According to statistics, 22 lakh people have died due to lung cancer alone. It is clear from this data that lung cancer is becoming a serious problem. It is very important to be aware of lung cancer. The world has endured the Corona epidemic for three years. During this period, the lungs of Corona patients are most affected. This virus directly attacks the lungs. Today we will tell you what are the reasons that cause lung cancer. 

Causes of lung cancer?

The cause of lung cancer is cigarette, beedi and other types of tobacco.

There is a possibility of lung cancer due to air pollution and tobacco. 

Secondhand smoking- It simply means standing around someone who is smoking a cigarette. 

Changes in weather and temperature which cause respiratory diseases

Genetic causes

Can lung cancer occur even without smoking?

Smoking cigarettes significantly increases the risk of lung cancer, but recent research has revealed that the risk of lung cancer also increases in those who do not smoke. Lung cancer also depends on how long you smoke or use tobacco. People who quit smoking reduce their risk of getting lung cancer.  According to this study by Francis Crick Institute and University of London, even non-smokers can get lung cancer. 

The biggest risk factor

This research has revealed that people who never smoke cigarettes also get lung cancer. The clear and only reason for this is pollution. There are 99 percent people around the world who have lung cancer due to poor air quality and that is a huge risk factor.

Danger of lung cancer even in non-cigarette smokers
Experts of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that smoking or second hand smoking i.e. coming in contact with cigarette smoke can also cause lung cancer. There is danger. In the United States, about 10-20 percent of lung cancer is found in people who have never smoked. More cases of adenocarcinoma cancer have been seen in such people. This type of cancer starts in the cells and reaches the small air sacs of the lungs. Sometimes it also spreads to the thin flat cells inside the lungs.
Why is the risk of lung cancer increasing in non-smokers< /strong>

According to health experts, even if someone does not smoke, certain environmental conditions become such that lung cancer can increase. Second hand smoking is a major reason for this. In such a situation, there is a higher risk of lung cancer in those people who are exposed to secondhand smoke. Radon, air pollution and family history can also cause lung cancer. Therefore everyone should be alert.
Symptoms of lung cancer in never smokers

Are the symptoms of lung cancer different in people who never smoke cigarettes or bidis? Regarding this, health experts say that the symptoms of lung cancer are similar in both smokers and non-smokers. Feeling tired all the time, frequent cough, coughing up blood or chest pain, wheezing or difficulty in breathing.
Not smoking How to avoid the risk of lung cancer

Health experts say that by staying away from second-hand smoke, vehicle exhaust and air pollution-chemicals, you can protect your lungs and reduce the risk of lung cancer. Radon testing should be done in the house. If its level is high then preventive steps should be taken. If someone in the family already has this problem, then doctor’s advice should be taken in time.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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