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People who eat too much in winter should be careful, the risk of heart attack increases, know how to avoid it.

Overeating and heart attack: Winter season is considered the best from food point of view. The variety of food is also more in this season. In this season, people eat a lot of their favorite things but experts are cautioning against it. He says that eating too much in winter increases the risk of heart attack. Let us know why this happens…

Why does eating too much cause heart attack?

According to health experts, many changes occur in the body during winter. Due to low temperature the veins of the body shrink. Due to which blood circulation reduces. Since physical activities are also less in this season, eating too much increases cholesterol and diabetes in the body. This increases the risk of heart attack.

What are the disadvantages of eating too much in winter?

high bp

In winter, the problem of BP increases rapidly by eating more fried, spicy food and drinking more tea. The blood vessels already shrink due to temperature and blood circulation is not proper, in such a situation the problem of high BP can increase many problems.

high cholesterol

Cholesterol level increases due to consumption of excessive saturated and trans fat during winter season. It gets triggered more due to overeating. Due to this, the risk of heart attack along with high blood pressure may increase.


Eating too much in winter also increases glucose in the body, due to which insulin is not produced in the right proportion. The problem of diabetes increases due to less physical activity. All these diseases together can cause heart attack.


Obesity increases rapidly due to overeating and less physical activity in cold weather. This is the reason why winters are considered best for improving health. However, increasing obesity can cause problems like high BP, high cholesterol.

How to avoid heart attack

Keep weight under control.

Keep doing physical activity.

Keep blood pressure and diabetes under control.

Don’t eat too much, drink only lukewarm water.

Try to keep cholesterol under control also.

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