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Pollution is becoming an enemy of life, even breathing is becoming difficult, take care of your health like this

Air Pollution Safety Tips: Air pollution across the country has increased to dangerous and deadly levels. In such a situation, due to air pollution, people are facing respiratory problems along with other health related problems. Health experts are advising that one should not go out without a mask in such a suffocating environment. Children, the elderly and those who are already ill are most vulnerable to air pollution. Along with saving them, those people should also be saved at this time for whom going out is a compulsion. In such a situation, if you are also going out of the house due to festivals or for office, then you should follow some safety rules (Air Pollution tips). Let us know what kind of safety tips health experts are advising to adopt to stay safe amid such pollution.

Follow these safety tips to avoid air pollution

must wear a mask

If you are going out of the house in this deadly pollution, then first of all wear an N-95 mask on your mouth. It is not right to go out of the house without wearing a mask.

keep the body hydrated

Try to keep your body hydrated and drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. With this, the toxic particles going in your body will be able to come out through urine and your health will remain good.

Change exercise time

The maximum pollution occurs during morning and evening exercise. Therefore, if you exercise at this time, then postpone it for a few days or you can apply a mask and exercise at some other time during the day.

stay away from construction sites

Avoid going to such places where there is a lot of smoke, dust and soil work going on. Especially avoid going near construction sites.

drink hot water

If you are having cough, consult a doctor instead of taking medicine yourself. Try to drink hot water during the day. Gargle with salt water once a day.

These people should pay special attention

If you are a patient of bronchitis, asthma or any other respiratory disease, then do not leave the house at this time and take your medicines properly.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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