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Should one take bath with hot water or cold water in winter? Know what is better

Winter has started in North India. People wait a lot for the cold season, but as good as this season is, it also has many side effects. It also brings with it many problems and diseases. Some people do not like to take bath in this season, hence they use hot water for bathing. Today we will talk about whether it is okay to bathe with hot water? Many people believe that it is not right to use hot water for bathing. This can cause skin related diseases. 

Is bathing with hot water beneficial

According to Mumbai based doctor Sudhir Menon, lukewarm water in winter. Bathing with it does not cause cold and it also keeps cold and cough away. Secondly, blood circulation also improves. Lukewarm water is fine for bathing but too hot water can prove to be very harmful for health. If you have skin related problems or problems, then take bath with cold water instead of hot water. Cold water is also beneficial. According to health experts. According to this, bathing with cold water provides many benefits to the body. People who have good immunity can easily take bath with cold water in winter. The overall thing is that people who take bath in cold water in winter should have good immunity. People who have weak immunity should avoid bathing. 

These are the side effects of bathing with hot water 

Being lazy It seems that people who take bath with hot water every day feel lazy. Therefore, one should not take bath with hot water every day. 

Do not wash hair with hot water even by mistake

Do not use hot water on hair. Because it can cause dandruff in your hair and can also make your hair dry. 

Problem of dry skin

Due to hot water. The moisture of the skin decreases. Also the skin starts becoming dry. At the same time, pimples and itching start appearing on the skin. 

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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