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Swimming gives many benefits to the body after periods stop: Research

Swimming is the best exercise. Recent UCL research has proved that most women should definitely do swimming after their periods stop. This provides physical and mental benefits. According to UCL research, women going through menopause can experience significant improvements in both physical and mental symptoms by swimming in cold water daily. According to a research published in Post Reproductive Health, 1114 women were surveyed. Out of which 785 were going through menopause. There are many benefits of swimming in cold water after periods have stopped.

What does the research say?

Women have expressed concern about swimming in cold water after periods have stopped. (46.9%), mood changes (34.5%), low mood (31.1%), and hot flushes (30.3%). Most of these women (63.3%) engaged in hydrotherapy specifically to reduce their symptoms. The research highlighted the testimonial of a 57 year old woman. Which said the cold water saved his life, making him feel at his best with symptoms disappearing during activity.

Also controls mood swings

It has previously been found that cold water improves the mood of outdoor swimmers and reduces stress. And ice baths have long been used to aid athletes’ muscle repair and recovery. Our study supports these claims. Meanwhile, anecdotal evidence also highlights how the activity can be used by women to reduce physical symptoms such as hot flushes, aches and pains.

Mental health improves

More research still needs to be done on the frequency, duration, temperature and exposure required to reduce symptoms. However, we hope that our findings can provide an alternative solution for women struggling with menopause and encourage more women to participate in sports. Most women choose swimming costumes instead of wet suits in both summer and winter. In addition to reducing menopause symptoms, women highlighted motivations such as being outside, improving mental health and engaging in exercise.


Professor Harper said, swimming in cold water allows people to exercise in nature. Often with friends, which can create a great community. Researchers also explored whether swimming in cold water improved menstrual symptoms in women. Of 711 women who experienced menstrual symptoms, nearly half reported that swimming in cold water improved their anxiety (46.7%), while more than a third reported mood swings (37.7%) and irritability (37.6%). ) mentioned the benefits.

Researchers warned about potential risks associated with cold water swimming, including hypothermia, cold water shock, heart rhythm disturbances and drowning. Water quality standards were also highlighted. Including concerns about raw sewage pollution into Britain’s rivers and seas, increasing the risk of infections such as gastroenteritis.

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