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Take special care of your gut health these winters, these tips can be very useful

Take Care Of Your Gut Health In Winters: Digestive problems increase in winter and it becomes difficult for people who already have digestive problems to pass the day. Actually, metabolism slows down in winter and due to this, stomach related problems start raising their heads. In such a situation, if you want to take care of gut health and avoid these problems, you should pay special attention to your eating habits. If you eat or drink anything, stomach problems can become serious. Keep these tips in mind and try to maintain gut health.

eat seasonal, eat local

Stay away from fancy vegetables, salads and pulses which are difficult to name. Eat seasonal and local food as much as possible. There are many varieties of vegetables available in this season, consume them. Carrot, sweet potato, turnip, beetroot, suran, radish etc. are special in this season, eat them. Overall, cook and eat only what is easily available in your local market. The less time your food travels to reach your plate, the healthier it is.

abstain from eating raw

In this season, the digestive system becomes slow, so it would be better not to eat raw vegetables. At least you can steam them a little. Raw food takes time to digest and creates problems for the stomach. Therefore, as far as possible, eat cooked vegetables only. Green vegetables are available in abundance in this season. Spinach, bathua, fenugreek, soya, cholai, mustard greens and what not. Eat them wholeheartedly and reap the benefits.

add ghee to food

To make winter food more healthy and digestive, include ghee in your diet. One spoon of ghee in every meal will be good for your stomach. If there is a problem of constipation, then boil milk at night, add one spoon of ghee in it and sip it and then go to sleep. This provides a lot of relief. If you mix two small sticks in this milk then the heat in the stomach will also remain calm.

drink plenty of water

Another problem of winter is that due to cold people do not drink water or drink less water. If this problem persists then the stomach will never get better. Drink water as much as possible and if you can’t, drink it lukewarm but stay hydrated. You can also consume it in the form of vegetable juice, soup, broth etc.

Do exercise otherwise your stomach will not get better.

The second most important thing for gut health is body movement. People whose body does not move i.e. who do not do physical work continue to have stomach problems. It is difficult to motivate yourself in winter but it is necessary. Even if you do it a little and do it indoors, do exercise.

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