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There are many benefits of drinking hot water, but if you drink more than necessary then these will be the disadvantages.

Side effects of hot water: From elders in the house to health experts, people have been advising to drink hot and lukewarm water. It is believed that hot water is very good for health and it provides many benefits to the body. Especially during the winter season, if you drink hot water, it provides relief from your cold and the food gets digested properly. But just as excessive consumption of everything has its disadvantages, similarly excessive consumption of hot water can also harm health. Let us know what are the side effects of drinking warm water if you are drinking more hot water than required.

Disadvantages of drinking too hot water

  1. If you are drinking hot water in limit then there is no problem but if you are drinking too much of it then it can harm your digestive system. This can also harm your food pipe because its layer is very delicate and it can get damaged by too hot water. Too hot water harms the digestive system and causes problems like indigestion, acidity etc.
  2. Excessive use of hot water causes mouth ulcers. If you look at it, it not only harms your delicate lips but also burns the inner skin of your throat. The delicate layers of the throat can get burnt due to use of too hot water. Drinking too much of it always makes the throat feel dry.
  3. Hot water does not quench the thirst of the body, so if you keep drinking hot water continuously then there may be problem of lack of water in the body i.e. dehydration. Therefore, if you are consuming too much hot water then keep drinking cold or normal water in between.
  4. Drinking excessively hot water has the worst effect on your kidneys. In such a situation, the kidneys are not able to filter toxins from the body and if this happens continuously, the kidneys can get damaged.
  5. Drinking excessively hot water can also affect your sleep. Health experts say that people who drink too much hot water have to suffer from lack of sleep.

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