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This dangerous skin disease can occur due to air pollution

Due to the poisonous air of Delhi (Delhi Air Pollution) and wrong eating habits, the risk of many skin related diseases has increased. According to health experts, due to air pollution, the risk of respiratory diseases as well as skin diseases also increases. Today we will talk about skin disease caused by air pollution which causes itching. These days, if you are living in Delhi and if you feel itching and allergy in your body as soon as you go out, then it is a matter to be taken very seriously. Because itching on the skin not only bothers you but also if it increases, you may have to face embarrassment because of it. Due to which you have skin related problems. If there are red spots and rashes on the skin, then it is also called urticaria.

This serious disease occurs on the skin due to air pollution.

People who suffer from urticaria start having red marks on their skin and also start itching. According to experts, bad eating habits and air pollution are the causes of this disease. Let us know what could be the initial symptoms of this disease? According to health experts, the disease of urticaria can happen to any person. This can happen to a small child, a 20 year old youth, or even a 40 year old person.

Symptoms of disease?

This disease has a direct connection with skin diseases and wrong eating habits. In this disease, first of all itching and rashes start appearing on the skin due to which itching starts on the skin. If it increases too much and bothers you, then definitely consult a doctor once.

Is the disease related to pollution?

Health experts say that if you already have any allergy, it can increase due to coming in contact with air pollution. Therefore, if necessary, wear a mask and drink plenty of water. Due to which the organs of your body will not be harmed.

genetic problem

If there is allergy in someone’s family, then there are full chances that that person will also suffer from it. Due to which red rashes and itching starts on the body. If any such problem is visible on your skin, then first of all consult a doctor.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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