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This flour will get rid of obesity, it will provide less calories and more protein.

Weight Loss Flour: Nowadays, due to diet, weight and obesity are increasing rapidly. Because of this many diseases are spreading. If you are also troubled by obesity and overweight, then reduce the use of home-made wheat flour rotis. Mix some other grains in wheat flour, grind it and eat only the roti made from it. This will reduce the amount of carbs and increase nutrition. Not only this, it will control appetite and increase metabolism, due to which you will quickly become healthy and fit (Weight Loss Flour). Know the flour of which grains should be mixed with wheat…


According to reports, jowar is gluten-free flour, which is rich in dietary fiber, iron, calcium, vitamin B and vitamin C. The nutrients found in it help in improving digestion. This controls the glucose level of the body and improves health. It is beneficial to eat half a cup of jowar flour mixed with wheat.


Millet is a normal gluten-free flour, which is full of protein, fiber, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. After eating this, one does not feel much hungry and the weight reduces rapidly. To lose weight, eating half a cup of millet flour mixed with half a cup of wheat is beneficial.


To lose weight, you can eat ragi flour mixed with wheat flour. Ragi flour is rich in many amino acids and fiber. This flour is also gluten-free. There is no way to lose weight by reducing appetite.


Almond flour is also beneficial in reducing obesity. It contains less carbohydrate and more protein. Vitamin E is also found in abundance in this flour rich in calcium and magnesium. Phytic acid is much less in almond flour, due to which the body gets more nutrients.

Gram flour

You can keep yourself fit by including gram flour in your diet. By consuming it, blood sugar levels remain under control. This also improves heart health and the anti-cancer properties can help protect against cancer. Many studies have found that eating gram flour mixed with wheat can reduce weight rapidly.


Buckwheat flour is considered very good in cleaning the skin and improving digestion. Generally this flour is consumed during Navratri. By including it in your diet you can get protein and antioxidants. This flour with low calories and low glycemic index is helpful in reducing weight.

water chestnut

Water chestnut is considered an excellent antioxidant. Anti-microbial, antiviral and anti-cancer properties are found in it. Its consumption strengthens the stomach and spleen. It is very beneficial in reducing insomnia, bad taste, cancer and fatigue. It should be eaten mixed with wheat flour.

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