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When does a new born baby sleep? Know how right and wrong it is to wake him up in between?

Newborn Baby Sleeping Myth: New born baby has to be taken special care of. When to feed them, what kind of clothes they have to wear, everything is taken care of. But apart from all this, sleep is also very important. Many parents are very positive about their child’s sleep. We create the environment in such a way that their sleep is not disturbed. They feel that the child should not be woken up while sleeping. Regarding this, baby sleep consultant Sahiba Madaan has shared a video on Instagram, in which she has told when can a sleeping newborn be woken up…

When should a newborn baby be picked up?

A newborn does not realize day and night. In such a situation, they keep sleeping for 24 hours. There is not enough space in their stomach to remain hungry for a long time, so they keep getting up early to eat. But this does not mean that they should be allowed to keep sleeping thinking that they are not getting enough sleep. Experts have said that if the child is sleeping then he can be woken up at the regular time like 8-9 o’clock. At this time the family members get up and due to some noise, even the child starts understanding the movement. With this, a routine also starts forming for the child.

take a nap of more than 2 hours

Small children often take a nap after eating and bathing, which is considered good. After eating, their tummy becomes full and after bathing, their body gets relaxed, in such a situation they like to take a nap. Meanwhile, if the child sleeps for a long time then the parents let him sleep. They believe that the child should not be woken from raw sleep. Whereas experts say that if the child has taken a nap for more than 2 hours, then he can be taken up without thinking. Due to this, the child’s routine does not get disturbed and his brain develops properly.

​What to do if you sleep for three hours after a feed

If your new born baby is sleeping continuously for 3 hours after feed then you can wake him up. This is because his sleeping time is three hours and other doctors also advise that the newborn should be fed every two to three hours. This will fill his stomach and he will get a chance to play.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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