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WHO told how dangerous the new Corona is, you also know

Despite enduring Corona for three years, Corona has not yet gone out of our minds. Corona has changed its many forms over the years. As soon as it seems that we have become corona free, immediately corona appears in front of us in its new form. Now once again the new variant of Corona JN.1 has given people sleepless nights. The new strain of Corona JN.1 (coronavirus variant JN.1) has created panic all over the world. Earlier cases were reported in China, America, Singapore but now cases are being seen in India also. High alert has been issued in Kerala state of India. There is an alert in Uttarakhand also. The Health Ministry is also holding meetings on this issue. Now the question arises whether this new variant of Corona is dangerous?

How deadly is the new variant of Corona JN.1?

The new variant of Corona is JN.1 sub variant. It was first identified in Luxembourg. It is a descendant of the Pirola variant of Corona (BA.2.85). Which is made of all variants of Omicron. Mutations are very high in Corona variants. Which is a cause of a lot of trouble. It mutates the spike protein due to which people get infected very quickly.

What are the symptoms of Corona’s new variant JN.1?

The 78-year-old woman in Kerala who was diagnosed with the JN.1 variant had symptoms of mild influenza illness. Along with this, symptoms like sore throat, running nose, headache and fever were seen. In some cases, symptoms such as mild gastrointestinal issues have been reported

how to protect

According to ANI report, according to Dr. Ujjwal Prakash, Senior Consultant, Chest Medicine at Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, the development of this variant has prompted people to be alert, but there is no need to panic. You should be more careful. I don’t think there is a need to panic or take any other step other than being cautious. The doctor further said, most patients have mild upper respiratory symptoms which resolve in four to five days.

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