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Why did the birth rate increase in Delhi, a big revelation from the government report

According to a report published by the Delhi government, the birth rate in Delhi increased from 13.1 per thousand population in 2021 to 14.2 in 2022. Whereas the death rate declined from 8.3 per thousand population in 2021 to 6.1 last year, when the Covid pandemic was at its peak. On the annual report, Arun Yadav, former director of hospital administration at the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, said, “This year there has been a slight decline in the sex ratio figures at birth, but this is a comparison of one year.

It is better if we look at the data of the last five years.” A Delhi government official made a similar comment, “This is a very small decline in the sex ratio. We cannot completely dismiss those who are having their first child. Do not choose to have another child if you have a son. The report revealed that the average number of births per day in Delhi increased from 745 in 2021 to 823 in 2022. Of the total births registered, 1,55,670 (51.8%) were male and 1, 44,581 (48.1%) were of women, while 99 births were considered to belong to the ‘other’ category.

improvement in basic condition

Explaining the increase in birth rate, Arun Yadav said, “Improvement in basic health conditions, availability of better vaccines and medicines. People come here from other cities for jobs. The decline in death rate was obvious,” Yadav said. “Looking at 2021, it was a pandemic year and it has hit the city hard.”

giving birth to a child at an early age

The report said that 2.23 percent women gave birth to a child at the age of 19 years or less. The infant mortality rate (per thousand live births) was 23.82 in 2022, which was 23.60 in 2021. Maternal mortality rate (per thousand live births) was 0.49 in 2022, which was 0.44 in 2021.

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