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Why don’t tears come in the eyes of a newborn baby? This reason will surprise you

New Baby Born Crying: If we get hurt even a little or feel sad about something, tears start flowing from our eyes. Even small children shed tears on every small thing, but have you ever noticed that tears do not flow from the eyes of a newborn child. After birth, a newborn baby sees a new world, he feels hungry and also cries a lot. But during this time tears do not come out of his eyes. Why does this happen, what is the reason behind it? If you are also surprised about this, then we will tell you the solution to your surprise. 
This is why tears do not come out of the eyes of a newborn baby  
Health experts say that newborn babies do cry but tears do not come out of their eyes because the tear ducts have not yet developed in the body of the newborn baby. Apart from this, there is not enough water in their eyes to flow in the form of tears. There is only enough water in the eyes of a newly born child to keep his eyes moist and not dry out. Four to five weeks after birth, tear ducts start forming in the baby’s eyes and then when the baby cries, tears come out from these tear ducts. Now you must have understood why a newborn baby is not able to remove tears from the eyes while crying. 
With tears comes sweat also  
A newborn baby does not have tears in his eyes, but at the same time he also does not sweat. Another reason for this is that sweat producing glands do not develop in the child’s body immediately after birth. That’s why he doesn’t even sweat. When sweat glands develop in the child’s body after a few weeks of development, he first starts sweating on his forehead. After this his hands and feet start sweating. Health experts say that after the birth of a child, many glands develop in the first four weeks and only after these develop, all the functions of the child start getting completed.
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