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You are fond of drinking tea and your sipping of tea increases in winter, so stop drinking it, this news is for you.

Tea Side Effects: During the winter season, most people start their day with tea. Sipping hot tea increases in cold. Some people drink several cups of tea in the morning, evening and afternoon. If they do not get tea for some time, they become restless. Most people are addicted to tea. This is an addiction that can lead to diseases over time. People who drink too much tea throughout the day may face many health problems (Tea Side Effects). This can have dangerous effects on health. Therefore one should avoid drinking excessive tea.

Disadvantages of drinking tea

According to experts, those who drink tea several times a day may suffer from iron deficiency in their body. A substance called tannin is found in tea leaves, which sticks to the iron elements present in the body and eliminates it from the digestive process. Due to this, problem of anemia can also occur. Therefore, if you are suffering from anemia, you should avoid tea. Because it can be dangerous for your health. Many other elements are also found in tea, excess of which can lead to diseases.

Side effects of drinking too much tea

1. Drinking too much tea can cause restlessness and fatigue. Caffeine found in tea leaves increases restlessness and fatigue in the body.

2. Excessive consumption of tea can affect sleep. Excessive amount of caffeine can cause problems. People suffering from insomnia should drink less tea.

3. Tea leaves also contain some elements which can cause nausea. Because of this you may feel like vomiting.

4. Drinking tea several times a day can also cause stomach related problems. Due to this, there may be complaints of acidity and gas.

5. Pregnant women should stay away from tea. This can be seriously harmful for them.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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