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₹1000 crore earned from Mahadev betting app, invested in Indian stock market and companies – India TV Hindi

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Big revelation in Mahadev betting app case.

Investigating the Mahadev Betting App case, ED found out that the money earned through this betting was sent to Dubai through Hawala and much of this money was sent to tax haven countries like British Virgin Islands, Curacao and Vanuatu. Were. ED sources have told that this money from these tax haven countries was converted into white and sent back to India which was invested in the Indian stock market and many Indian companies. Let us tell you that ED is conducting search operations at 17 places in this case.

Rs 1000 crores were sent back

Sources have said that this figure is approximately Rs 1000 crore, which the accused had earned through betting and sent abroad from India through Hawala. Then this money has now been reinvested in India through Foreign Direct Investment i.e. FDI. During the investigation, ED found many such evidences and locations from where this money was being diverted. In this connection, 17 teams of ED were formed this morning and sent to search at a total of 17 different locations in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Raipur and Madhya Pradesh.

9 accused arrested so far

ED sources have also said that the search is going on at a total of 3 locations in Mumbai. ED is investigating the Mahadev case from many aspects. The direction of this investigation is exclusively on the investments being made through FDI in India from tax haven countries by the accused associated with Mahadev Betting App. Let us tell you that so far 9 accused have been arrested in this case. In this case, the main accused Saurabh Chandrakar, Ravi Uppal and Shubham Soni are still away from the ED’s arrest, ED has also issued a Red Corner Notice against them. Let us tell you that all these accused are currently in Dubai.

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