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₹2000 Currency Note: Buy ₹2,100 on ₹2,000 note, unique scheme running in Delhi

Riya Pandey / Delhi. Since the release of the circular to return Rs 2,000 notes to the banks, people are worried about how to spend the pink notes kept with them as soon as possible so that they do not have to stand in the queues of the banks. But meanwhile, a shopkeeper of the country’s capital Delhi has come up with a unique scheme, which you will be surprised to hear. The tremendous offer of the shopkeeper is going viral on social media.

A shopkeeper in Delhi’s GTB Nagar has come up with a scheme that by giving a note of Rs 2,000, you can buy goods worth Rs 2,100 from his shop. This is a meat shop. A handwritten poster pasted on the glass of Sardar Pure Meat Shop reads, ‘Give Rs 2,000 note and get Rs 2,100 goods’.

Increase in business after withdrawing the scheme

Sardar ji, the owner of the shop told that he wants to do social service through this scheme so that people do not have to worry about changing their 2,000 rupee notes, and they can easily spend their big pink notes. When he was asked about the profit of this scheme, he told that due to this his business has increased by 25 percent. Now people are coming from far and wide to buy meat at his shop.

Poster going viral on social media

This scheme of Sardar Pure Meat Shop is trending a lot on social media. People are giving their feedback on the poster of the scheme by commenting in various ways. Also, users are sharing this picture and praising the mind of the shopkeeper.

This meat shop remains open from 10.30 am to 10 pm. The nearest metro station to reach here is GTB Metro Station Gate No. 2.


FIRST PUBLISHED : May 28, 2023, 14:02 IST

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