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3 thousand youth of Jammu and Kashmir got jobs, PM Modi said – ‘I felt the pain of Kashmir’

Jammu Kashmir Employment Fair: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (30 October) addressed the Jammu and Kashmir Employment Fair through video conference. He said that today is a very important day for the promising youth of Jammu and Kashmir. Here at 20 different places, 3 thousand youth are being handed over appointment letters to work in the government. In his address, PM Modi also targeted the opposition fiercely.

PM Modi said, “In the coming days, preparations are in full swing to give more than 700 appointment letters in other departments as well. This decade of the 21st century is the most important decade in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. We have to work with new thinking. Jammu and Kashmir is now pursuing continuous development in new systems. Since 2019, 30,000 government posts have been recruited in the state. Out of these, about 20,000 jobs have been given in the last year.

‘Tourism strong in Jammu and Kashmir’

PM Modi said, the way infrastructure is developing in Jammu and Kashmir, connectivity is increasing, it has also strengthened the tourism sector. The people here have always emphasized on transparency. Today the youth who are coming in government services have to make transparency their priority.

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‘People of Jammu and Kashmir hate corruption’

Targeting the opposition, PM Modi said that whenever he used to meet the people of Jammu and Kashmir earlier, he always felt their pain. This was the pain… of corruption in the systems. People of Jammu and Kashmir hate corruption. Now is the time to leave the old challenges behind and take full advantage of the new possibilities.

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