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48 hours account of PM Modi

PM Modi Busy Schedule: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Japan. Even during Navratri, there is a very busy schedule of programs of PM Modi. Many people want to know about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s daily routine during Navratri. Especially for the viewers and readers of ABP News, we are putting this information in front of you. We are keeping the account of his 48 hours of work in front of you. Total 48 hours account for the last 24 and next 24 hours.

In these 48 hours, Prime Minister Narendra Modi traveled to Japan for 16 hours. After attending meetings abroad and tribute meeting for 12 hours, he will also work in the country for 20 hours.

48 hours account of PM Modi

After PM Modi returns to the country at midnight, only three hours rest and then from 5 in the morning the work of Prime Minister Modi will start, during that time he will hold more than half a dozen meetings and all this is when the Prime Minister is also fasting in Navratri. Huh. After traveling for 16 hours and staying in Japan for 12 hours, the Prime Minister will return to India at 2 o’clock in the night, but his day will start from 5 in the morning.

Busy schedule even during fasting in Navratri

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also fasted for nine days of Navratri, during which PM Modi takes juice of one fruit once a day. Will wake up in the morning and check e-mail after worship. After looking through the morning newspapers and TV channels, PM Modi will reach his office at 9 am, where he will participate in the cabinet meeting after settling some important files.

Will hold meeting on many important issues

After participating in the cabinet meeting, PM Modi will hold about half a dozen meetings throughout the day on many important issues. In the evening, the Prime Minister will participate in the Council of Ministers, which is likely to last for about two hours.

Those who know the Prime Minister say that the Prime Minister gets energy from work and work from energy, he completes sleep in a short time. They participate in long meetings without rest, without getting tired so that their busyness does not become a hindrance in the functioning of the government, but becomes a strength.

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