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5 asteroids of 100 feet moving fast towards the earth, will pass near the earth today, NASA is keeping an eye

New Delhi, The American space agency NASA released information that five asteroids will pass near the Earth today, out of which one is 160 feet big. According to NASA, all these asteroids are of different sizes ranging from 100 feet to 58 feet. The space agency has kept its eye on these asteroids passing very close to the Earth. However, at present no threat to human life has been reported regarding this.

According to the latest information shared by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the 100-foot asteroid 2023 BN6 is fast moving towards planet Earth today. According to the report, 2023 BN6 as big as a large airplane will pass through a distance of 770000 kilometers from the Earth. According to scientists, this asteroid can pass through near the Earth at a very dangerous speed of 27072 kilometers per hour (7.52 km / second). Significantly, this asteroid is not causing any kind of threat or danger to our planet.

Apart from BN6, another 68-foot asteroid ‘2023 BZ7’ will come closest to Earth at a distance of 4,650,000 km. This 68-foot asteroid can pass near the Earth at a speed of about 33552 kilometers per hour. Apart from these two, 2020 OO1, 2023 BO7 and 2023 BC4 asteroids are also going to pass close to the Earth.

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