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600 crores reached the government’s account in the name of the public, people kept craving, did not get Diwali kit

Diwali kit: On the occasion of Diwali, the Maharashtra government had announced to give Diwali kits to the poor people of Maharashtra. In this, people had to get the kit from the ration shop for 100 rupees. Diwali has passed but this kit has not yet reached all the government ration shops in Mumbai.

In fact, when APB News did a reality check, it came to light that this government kit was missing from the government ration shop in Andheri. People say that now Diwali has passed, so what is the use of this kit? The shopkeepers say that when the kit has not arrived, then from where should we give it to the people? People are coming to ration shops and asking and we are tired of telling.

Assembly by-election to be held

At the same time, ration shopkeepers in Andheri assembly say that there is to be a by-election for a seat in the assembly on 3rd, there is a discussion among people that maybe Diwali kit is not being received due to the code of conduct. But they did not get any such information from the ration department, it is just a matter of hearing.

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Deepak Gupta, who runs a government ration shop in Goregaon, said, “Even after Diwali, we have not received the Diwali kit, both the items of the kit have not been received yet.” According to a local resident, the government is only playing with the sentiments of the people, creating hope. When there was no giving on time, he played with the sentiments of the poor on the festival of Diwali. Why are our hopes being broken?

The minister had promised…

Before Diwali, when ABP News did a reality check of Diwali kit in Maharashtra, even then the Maharashtra government had failed in it. When Maharashtra Civil Supplies Minister Ravindra Chavan was questioned on this issue at that time, he had promised that Diwali kits would reach everyone by Diwali.

The biggest question is arising in this whether the government really wanted to give Diwali kits to the people on the occasion of Diwali. Did the government really want to make Diwali good for the poor? Or has money been misappropriated in Maharashtra in the name of this Diwali kit?

Kit money has reached the government

Let us tell you that the amount of Diwali kit which was to reach the government ration shop had already been deposited in the account of the government, but even after Diwali has passed, the Diwali kit has not reached the ration shops. But, the money for this kit has reached the government.

Let us tell you that for this government Diwali kit, the Maharashtra government has given a contract of more than 500 crores to a company. In this, about 6 crore Diwali kits were to reach the people on the occasion of Diwali. That is, according to this, according to 100 rupees for 6 crore kits, about 600 crore rupees have already reached the government’s account in the name of Diwali kit, but where is the Diwali kit is not known.

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