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7 no; International player Ritu Phogat will take 8 rounds in her marriage, this is a noble cause


Shehnai will be played on November 8 at the house of Dronacharya awardee Mahabir Phogat.
Without dowry, ‘small’ Ritu Phogat will get married, menu of indigenous food.
The gate of village Balali, the preparations for the marriage going on at the house of the Balali sisters.

Report – Pradeep Sahu
Charkhi Dadri. International MMA (Mix Martial Arts) player and ‘Chhoti’ of Dangal girl Balali sisters, Ritu Phogat will tie the knot with Sonipat resident Sachin Chhikkara on November 8. In marriage, she will also take the eighth round of saving the daughter. The special thing is that the wedding will take place in a simple ceremony with one rupee and coconut omen. Ritu will sit on the banna from Saturday, November 5 and in the evening, the Phogat sisters will dance to country songs in women’s music.

Let us inform that out of the four daughters of Mahabir Phogat, Geeta, Babita and Sangeeta are already married. The preparations for the wedding of his sister ‘Chhoti’ Ritu Phogat are in the final stages. In the preparations for the procession, the Phogat family will do the marriage better and with simplicity. Like other daughters, there will be an omen of one rupee and coconut in the marriage of Ritu Phogat.

The wedding ceremony will be held with simplicity at Mahabir Phogat Academy, Jhojhu Kalan, located three kilometers from the village. While Geeta-Babita and Sangeeta took the eighth round in their marriage, Ritu Phogat will also continue the Beti Bachao Abhiyan. Let us inform that Ritu is the daughter of Dronacharya awardee wrestler Mahabir Phogat and younger sister of Dangal girl Geeta and Babita Phogat.

Ritu has also been a Commonwealth Gold Medalist and World Championship Under-23 Silver Medalist. In the year 2019, he joined MMA saying goodbye to wrestling. She has won about 20 matches in One Championship. She is also the first female player in the country to join MMA.

Marriage will happen without dowry, menu will be for indigenous food
Dronacharya Awardee Mahabir Pehalwan, father of Arjuna Awardee Babita Phogat, told that Ritu’s marriage will be simple and according to Hindu customs. Desi ghee pudding, mustard greens and kheer-churma will be made for the wrestlers.

Babloo does not want to leave the house, but customs are necessary
International MMA player Ritu Phogat said that she does not want to leave Babloo’s house. According to the custom, one has to leave Babul’s house and go to Piya’s cube. Wedding preparations are going on and like her elder sisters, she will take a vow in the marriage and take a pledge to save her daughter against feticide.

Here is the complete program of this simple marriage
Sachin Chikkara will reach the Mahabir Phogat Sports Academy in Jhojhu Kalan, about three kilometers from village Balali, at 4 pm on November 8. There will be lagan and banquet at 5 pm. Only family, villagers and relatives will be present in this. There will be rounds in the night and after that Ritu will leave for her in-laws’ house.

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