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70 years old… 98 times dialysis… finally wife donated kidney to husband; Defeated death!

Viral News: Many people are suffering from kidney problem across the country. People get kidney transplant done when there is complete kidney failure. Expenses of lakhs, frequent visits to doctors. Amidst all these troubles, a common man breaks down. We have brought such an emotional story for you. Your eyes will become moist after reading this story of husband and wife.

Both husband and wife are above 70 years of age. He had to undergo frequent dialysis due to kidney failure. Let us tell you that dialysis is a treatment in which the blood is filtered using a machine. When your kidneys can no longer do their job, they clean your blood. Many people have to undergo dialysis every week. In such a situation, the elderly wife finally decided to donate her kidney herself.

dialysis 3 days a week
After his father’s kidney failure, a man has shared the whole story on Twitter. He wrote that his father was having dialysis sessions three days a week. His mother used to wait five to six hours for this procedure. Later he donated his kidney to save his life.

thank you doctors
This man named Leo said that both his parents are about 70 years old. He wrote, ‘Due to old age, doctors got approval from all departments after 2 months to move forward. He thanked the doctors in Kochi, Kerala for their efficiency. He also highlighted the need for awareness about organ donation.

organ donation required
He praised Dr Kamlesh and his team. He wrote, ‘We need more awareness for organ donation. He paid less than Rs 15,0000 for this transplant and 99 percent of the cost was borne by the insurance company.

people getting emotional
The heartwarming story left people emotional. One user said, “Wow! What an incredible story of love!” Another wrote, “Glad to know that your parents are recovering now. Blessings to you.

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