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‘800 food in only 200 rupees’… Delivery agents are cheating with Zomato! Know the whole matter

New Delhi. Online food delivery company Zomato is once again in the headlines. However, this time not because of any big discount but because of a fraud. You must have read many times in the news that food was ordered from Zomato. But when the customer went to complain, the money was debited from his account. But this time the news of fraud was not spread by a member of a fishing gang but by a young man who delivered food in Zomato.

In fact, a young man has claimed that the food delivery agent told him not to pay online the next time he orders food. Along with this, the agent told the young man that how he is cheating with Zomato company these days. The young man gave information about the incident by posting on Linkedin. After this, Zomato’s co-founder and CEO Deependra Goyal, reacting to this tweet of the youth, said that he is trying to remove the shortcomings.

An entrepreneur named Vinay Sati said that his hair stood on end when the delivery agent told him how to cheat the company. Sati tweeted that she had ordered a burger from Zomato a few days ago and when the agent came, she told him, “Sir, next time don’t pay online. He said that next time you will order food worth Rs 700-800 through COD (Cash on Delivery) then you will have to pay only Rs 200. I will show it to Zomato that you have not taken the food. After this, food will also be available and you can enjoy the food of 1000 rupees in 200 or 300 rupees.

The young man said in the post that I had two options, either I would enjoy the free food or I would report to the company, which I have done. The young man tagged the company’s CEO and asked that now don’t say that you didn’t know this and if you knew then why didn’t you solve it.

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