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9 dreaded prisoners absconded from Nagaland jail, 2 of them convicted, search operation intensifies

Nagaland Jail: Big news is coming out from Mon district of Nagaland. 9 dreaded prisoners lodged in the district jail here have now escaped. To catch these prisoners, the police is running a search operation in the entire district. According to the report of ANI news agency, this incident happened on Saturday. The news agency was told about this by a high police officer over the phone.

According to the police, out of the 9 escaped prisoners, two prisoners are convicted, while 7 prisoners are under trial. The court has not yet pronounced any sentence in the case of these 7 prisoners. The police officer told that all these 9 prisoners escaped from the jail by breaking the iron bars and handcuffs of the jail.

Photos of prisoners circulated in all police stations

In this case, the police have started action by registering a case in Mon Kotwali. The entire city has been barricaded to capture the prisoners. The photographs of the prisoners have been circulated in all the police stations so that they can be identified. His pictures have been pasted all over the city. An appeal has been made to inform the police on getting any information about the people who escaped from the jail.

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Prisoner had escaped from Mandore Jail

Earlier, a similar case had also come to light from Mandore Open Jail located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. In the same month, a murderer who was serving sentence in Mandore open jail had escaped. While taking attendance in the evening, information about the absconding of the prisoner was received. Although the police caught the absconding prisoner in two days.

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