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AAP MLA Atishi’s big attack, PM Modi lost his sleep after ABP News-C Voter’s survey

AAP Vs BJP: ABP News-C Voter Survey on Saturday showed a survey regarding Lok Sabha Elections 2024. A question was asked in this survey whether in 2024 does Arvind Kejriwal consider a challenge to Modi? 63 percent of the people said ‘yes’ to this question and 37 percent said ‘no’. Now Aam Aadmi Party MLA Atishi Marlena has attacked BJP regarding this.

AAP MLA Atishi said, “Last night a big TV channel showed a survey on Lok Sabha elections and asked, do you consider Arvind Kejriwal as a challenge for Modi ji in 2024? 63 percent said yes. After this survey, Hon’ble Modi ji lost his sleep.”

‘If the bus was not bought then how did corruption happen’

Atishi did not stop here, she further said that the country is discussing about Arvind Kejriwal’s school, electricity, water. So thinking of this, PM Modi has become upset. He said that since morning there is an attempt to impose a case on Arvind Kejriwal or his minister. The fury was such that there was an allegation of corruption in the purchase of buses, while the bus was not bought. He said that if no bus was bought then how was there corruption in it.

‘LG sir made a mistake after the survey’

Atishi said that after yesterday’s survey, it happened so quickly that the poor LG sahib made a mistake and picked up the wrong paper, wrong file. Atishi said, “LG sir, you are sitting on a very senior post. You should at least learn to read government papers. Before making false allegations on Kejriwal ji, you would have done at least a little homework.”

‘PM Modi is scared of Kejriwal’

AAP MLA said that PM Modi is afraid of Kejriwal, so every day false allegations are being leveled against Arvind Kejriwal and the party. He said that Modi is trying in some way to surround Kejriwal with false allegations.

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