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AAP’s plans in Himachal are watered down! Behind the others in the final opinion poll

Himachal Pradesh Opinion Poll 2022: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has entered the Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections, wishing to repeat the charisma of the Punjab Assembly elections on the mountain. The party has claimed that it will present a tough challenge to both the BJP and the Congress, although the opinion poll figures are not happy but disappointing for the AAP. According to the figures that have come out in the survey of ABP C Voter, 31-39 seats have been estimated in the share of BJP.

According to the final poll, BJP can become the single largest party in the state. At the same time, the estimate of getting 29-37 seats for the Congress has been given in the final poll. This means the Congress is not far behind and the state can witness a close contest between the two parties.

stats disappointing for you

On the other hand, for the Aam Aadmi Party, these poll figures are disappointing because all the hopes of AAP seem to be tarnished in the estimates given in this poll. AAP has been projected only 0-1 seats in this poll. On the other hand, 0-3 seats have been expected in the account of others. This means that your performance in this opinion poll is looking weak as compared to others.

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How many seats in Himachal
Total Seats – 68
Who has how many seats?
BJP- 31-39
Congress- 29-37

Even behind others in vote share

On the other hand, if you look at another figure, here also the vote share of AAP seems to be getting less than the vote share of others. According to the final opinion poll data, BJP is getting 45 percent vote share, while Congress is getting 44 percent vote share. On the other hand, the Aam Aadmi Party is expected to get 3 percent vote share, which is less than the 8 percent vote share of others.

Total Seats – 68
Who has how many votes?

Congress – 44%
you 3%

Disclaimer: Election campaign in Himachal will end tomorrow evening. Voting will be held on November 12 on all 68 seats in Himachal. The campaign is in its last phase, so all the parties have put their strength. To know what is in the mind of the people of Himachal, C VOTER has conducted the final opinion poll for abp news. In this survey, the opinion of 20 thousand 784 people has been taken on all 68 seats. The survey has been done from 3 to 9 November. The margin of error in the survey is from plus minus 3 to plus minus 5 percent.



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