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Adani Group Crisis: Mamta, Gehlot, Rajiv… keep relations with all, is the attack on PM Modi on the pretext of Adani crisis a political vendetta?

New Delhi: Politics has heated up on the Adani crisis. The entire opposition has united on this issue. He is attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the pretext of Adani crisis. Gautam Adani’s relationship with PM Modi is being cited. It is another matter that Gautam Adani, the head of the Adani Group, has relations with many other political personalities. Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot and Mamta Banerjee are also included in these. They have been publicly seen with each other. Moreover, Gautam Adani himself has said in an interview that the credit for his initial success goes to Rajiv Gandhi’s government. When he has good relations with all these political personalities, then why is Prime Minister Modi being targeted? Is the attack on Modi on the pretext of Adani crisis a political vendetta?

There has been a stir after the arrival of American short-seller firm Hindenburg Research on 24 January. It has made several allegations against Adani Group. These include money laundering and accounting fraud. It has also been said that the group is overburdened with debt. He has termed Adani’s unexpected growth as the biggest scam in the corporate world. However, these are just allegations. That too of a firm whose only job is to make huge profits by dumping shares. However, in the Adani case, it has already managed to do damage. Since his report came, there has been a sharp decline in the shares of Adani Group companies. This fall has also snatched the crown of Asia’s richest person from Gautam Adani.

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RBI has sought details from banks
RBI has asked for details of the business relationship of banks with Adani. Talking about ethics, Adani Enterprises also withdrew its FPO worth Rs 20,000 crore. That was when it was fully subscribed. It was brought on 27 January. At the same time, on February 1, a decision was taken to withdraw it. Adani Group has responded to each and every allegation of Hindbanarg in a systematic manner. For example, it was said in the report that the group misused the tax. In response, it was said that this allegation is baseless. There is only speculation in this. The report says that 5 CFOs changed in 8 years. There is a possibility of a mistake in accounting. So, the answer came that most of the CFOs are with the company. They are in different roles. Adani has also dismissed the debt concern. Said that the cash ratio of group companies is in line with the industry benchmark.

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The opposition has given air to the whole matter
However, the opposition is trying to air this whole matter. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being targeted on the pretext of Adani. A Joint Parliamentary Committee (GPC) inquiry has been demanded in the matter. The second option has been given to probe by a Supreme Court judge. The uproar on this issue is at its peak. The opposition is not allowing the Parliament to function.

Political analyst Amitabh Sinha told our associate news channel that this whole game is being played to destabilize India. They have done this before the budget of the government. He called it a very sensitive issue.

If the opposition is calling Adani a friend of Modi. Then what was the purpose of his meeting with Mamta a few months ago. These words belong to Mamta only – ‘Ambani-Adani is also needed, agriculture is also needed.’ After this, Adani reached West Bengal to meet Mamta. Similarly, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was also seen sharing the stage with Gautam Adani.

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