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Advanced Diagnostics Research Center opened in this AIIMS, patients will be benefited

New Delhi. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in the country has a network in many states including Delhi. In which the latest medical facilities, from machinery to research and large laboratories are present. However, now the country’s largest Advanced Mycology and Diagnostics Research Center has been opened in Bhubaneswar AIIMS. Due to which patients across the country will be benefited.

In the information given by ICMR, it was told that this center has been opened under the ICMR Task Force Project. This center with modern facilities will strengthen fungal diagnostics and antifungal resistance mapping.

ICMR says that in view of the need for advanced mucology diagnostics and research centers in different regions of the country, a large network of laboratories has been established. This will not only advance patient care but also research on fungal infections and India’s public health policies. The center will provide a range of advanced diagnostic services for fungal infections and will also act as a referral center for the surrounding areas.

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