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Advice to Russia from UN platform, now Jaishankar’s bitter dose to America on F-16 India is raising its voice on the global stage.

New Delhi : After bluntly admonishing Russia from the UN forum regarding Ukraine war, now Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has shown the mirror to America. Before meeting US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, he publicly expressed displeasure over the upgradation of F-16s given by the US to Pakistan. He said that in the name of fight against terrorism, who are you fooling by giving F-16 fighter jets. Indian Foreign Minister advised America to look in the mirror about its relations with Pakistan. It is the voice of New India at the international level. When Jaishankar says from the United Nations platform that the country, which was among the poorest economies at the time of independence, stands as the fifth largest economy in the world after 75 years, it is a clear expression of the confidence and hopes of a new India.

America was shown the mirror about the F-16
On Sunday S. Jaishankar was at an event of the Indian American community in Washington. Then he was questioned on the maintenance package of F-16 given by the US to Pakistan and the mutual relations between the two countries. In response, Jaishankar said Washington’s relationship with Pakistan did not serve “American interests”. “Today America should think about the merit of this relationship, what it got out of it… You talk about counter-terrorism and when it comes to aircraft with capabilities like the F-16 that everybody knows, You know where they are deployed and what they are used for. You are not fooling anyone by saying such things.’ In this way, Jaishankar publicly exposed Washington’s hypocrisy on America’s F-16 package given to Pakistan in the name of counter-terrorism operation.

India angry with the package given to Pakistan for the maintenance of F-16
In fact, the US has announced a package of $ 450 million to Pakistan for the modernization and maintenance of its F-16 fleet. The US made this announcement on 7 September. This was against the policy of former President Donald Trump to suspend military aid to Pakistan, saying it was a safe haven for the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network terrorists. On September 11, India lodged a strong protest with him regarding this. On September 14, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh informed his US counterpart Lloyd Austin of India’s concerns. On 22 September, the US had to clarify that the sale of F-16 parts and equipment to Pakistan should not be seen as a ‘message to India’. He said that the main objective of Washington’s partnership with Pakistan is counter-terrorism and nuclear security. In fact, then it was believed that despite pressure, the US has tried to send a message to India, which has relations with Russia, by giving an F-16 package to Pakistan.

Advice to friend Russia too
Earlier, in bilateral talks with Russia on the sidelines of the SCO summit in Samarkand, India had bluntly advised it about the Ukraine war. Russian President Vladimir Putin was sitting next to him and PM Modi bluntly said in front of the camera – this is not the era of war. This statement of PM Modi was covered in the American media. This was seen as a public rebuke to Russia. All the leaders including the President of France praised this statement of PM Modi. Thereafter, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar reiterated PM Modi’s statement in the UN Security Council, without naming him, advised Russia that even in the event of conflict, violation of human rights or international law cannot be justified. Said that India supported an independent investigation into the Bucha incident. Russia is facing war crimes charges after mass graves were found in Bucha, Ukraine. The Indian External Affairs Minister emphasized the need to stop the war and resolve the issues through dialogue and diplomacy.

The world cannot ignore India
s. Jaishankar discussed India’s extraordinary achievements at the 77th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly. He said that in the 18th century, India accounted for about a quarter of the global DGP. But colonialism had made India one of the poorest countries. Till the middle of the 20th century we were one of the poorest countries but after 75 years of independence, India today proudly stands as the fifth largest economy in the world. Now its goal is to become a developed country by 2047. In his speech, Jaishankar strongly placed India’s claim for reforms and permanent membership of the Security Council.

On whose side India was in the Russo-Ukraine war, Jaishankar replied
In his UN speech, Jaishankar said that we are often asked on whose side we are in the Ukraine conflict. Every time our answer is the same, straight and honest. India is in favor of peace and will remain there firmly. We are in favor of the UN Charter and its basic principles. We are in favor of a solution through dialogue and diplomacy.

A blunt reply to aggressive China
In the UNGA, Jaishankar had slammed China a lot without naming it. He slammed China for putting obstacles in the way of blacklisting UN-designated terrorists. Without taking names, Jaishankar said that the United Nations sanctions terrorists and countries sponsoring terror come forward to save them. In the Security Council, he advised China in gestures, ‘Never resort to politics to avoid accountability. Not even to save the guilty from punishment. It is sad that we have seen this happen in the same council recently when there was talk of banning some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world. “If the horrific attacks in broad daylight are ignored, this council should consider our signals on the issue of impunity,” he said. If we want to ensure credibility, there has to be continuity.

India has also responded very strongly to the efforts of China to unilaterally change the LAC in the Eastern Ladakh sector. India has been responding to his strategy of intimidation on every front. Just last month, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said that China has disrespected the border treaty with India, which has cast a shadow on bilateral ties as well. He bluntly said that relationships can never be a one-way street. There should be mutual respect in this. He expressed hope that China will get good sense.

Jaishankar has already shown mirror to America and Europe
Jaishankar has already shown the mirror to America and Europe. He has bluntly said on several occasions that India’s foreign policy is independent and that it will always give priority to its national interests, regardless of any pressure. When questions arose on India’s buying of oil with Russia, he did not delay in showing the mirror to European countries that themselves are buying gas from Russia but do not want any other country to do business with it. When America tried to surround India for alleged violation of religious freedom and human rights, it gave a befitting reply from its own soil. Clearly conveyed that India is also keeping an eye on religious freedom and human rights violations in America.



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