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Afghan embassy closed permanently in India, know the reason here

Image Source : PTI/ANI
Afghan embassy closed permanently.

The Embassy of Afghanistan located in New Delhi, the capital of India, has finally been closed. Issuing a notice, the Embassy said that we regret to announce the permanent closure of our diplomatic mission in New Delhi with effect from 23 November 2023. It has also been said in the notice that there is no diplomat of the Afghan Republic left in India. People serving at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have safely reached third countries.

What was the reason given?

The notice issued said that the decision to permanently close the diplomatic mission in India has been taken after the embassy ceases operations on September 30, 2023. The notice also said that this step was taken in the hope that the attitude of the Government of India will evolve favorably towards the normal continuity of the Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi. However, this did not happen. The Embassy also expressed its heartfelt gratitude to the people of India for their support and assistance to Afghanistan over the last 22 years.

Pressure from Taliban and Indian government

According to the statement issued by the Afghan Embassy, ​​despite waiting for 8 weeks, the objectives of visa extension for diplomats and change in the conduct of the Indian government could not be achieved. Given continued pressure from both the Taliban and the Indian government to relinquish control, the embassy faced a difficult choice. The embassy said the decision to close the mission in India and transfer the custodial authority of the mission to the host country is in the best interests of Afghanistan.

Will Taliban get entry?

The embassy notice said that there are no diplomats from the Afghan Republic left in India. The only person present in India is a diplomat associated with the Taliban. It is now up to the Government of India to decide the fate of the mission. Whether it should be kept closed or options considered, including the possibility of handing it over to Taliban “diplomats”.

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