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Aftab is very cunning: dust in the eyes of the forensic team, a stain of blood was not found in the fridge, know the reason – shraddha murder case forensic team found blood sample only one place in flat – News18 Hindi


On Wednesday, the forensic team reached Aftab’s flat for investigation.
During the investigation, the team found blood stains only at one place.
Aftab brutally murdered his girlfriend Shraddha.

New Delhi. The Shraddha Walkar murder case shook the entire nation. Crossing the limits of barbarity, this incident has surprised everyone. At the same time, new updates related to this massacre are coming continuously. Meanwhile, the forensic team reached the accused Aftab’s flat to investigate, where he had murdered Shraddha Walkar. Accused Aftab strangled Shraddha to death on the bed of the house.

The vicious mind of the accused Aftab was revealed when the forensic team reached his flat for investigation. Aftab is so cunning that he did not leave any evidence on the bed, for which he used a special chemical so that the evidence could not be traced. Aftab had sealed 35 pieces of Shraddha’s dead body in 18 polythene bags and kept it in the fridge. Police is busy in search of all those polythene.

Police found blood stains in the lower shelf of the kitchen where the gas cylinders are kept. The forensic team was surprised during the investigation in the house. Because blood stains have not been found in any corner of the house. Except only one lower shelf of the kitchen, no trace of any kind has been found anywhere. The team was using a special chemical to detect blood stains.

Explain that the forensic team does a benzene test to detect blood stains. On this type of crime scene, in which she throws a chemical at the places around the crime scene and if its color changes to red, then it means that it is blood. Human or any other kind is known. But apart from the kitchen, no blood stains or clues were found in the benzene test in the house. That benzene test was also done in freeze. The FSL team did not find any blood sample there either.

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