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After 10 days, the relaxed voice of the workers came from inside the dark tunnel, what did they say?

Image Source : INDIA TV
The audio of the conversation of the laborer trapped inside the tunnel has surfaced.

41 laborers are fighting for life and death in the dark tunnel of Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. Today, it has been 10 days since the workers were trapped inside the tunnel and the rescue operation has intensified to rescue them safely. Meanwhile, today the audio of a conversation of a laborer has surfaced from the tunnel of Uttarkashi. Workers are being talked to through walkie-talkies. Before this, pictures of huge relief have emerged.

The first video of 41 laborers trapped inside the tunnel has also surfaced. This video is from 4 am today. At present, all the workers are safe. Everyone is roaming around and also talking to the control room.

What did the laborer trapped in the tunnel say?

In the audio that has surfaced today, a laborer is saying, “The family members of the village are greeting everyone for me… We are all fine here… everything is fine, there is no problem… regarding food and drink.” Things are available… we are doing well… all things are available and food is available from time to time, there is no problem… Inshallah we will come out comfortably in one to two days, there is no problem. ”

Khichdi sent to laborers after 9 days

At the same time, let us tell you that the rescue team got a big success yesterday, on the 9th day after the accident. A 6-inch wide pipe has reached the workers, through which food is now being delivered to the workers trapped in the tunnel. Khichdi, oranges and water have been supplied to the workers through 6 inch wide pipes. Khichdi has been delivered in bottles. The 6 inch wide pipe is about 53 meters long through which the food was delivered. Not only this, DRDO’s robots are helping in the rescue operation. Efforts are also being made to provide mobile phone and power supply chargers to the people trapped in the tunnel. Besides, efforts are also being made to provide Wi-Fi facility inside the tunnel.

uttarakshi tunnel

Image Source : INDIA TV

First picture of workers trapped inside the tunnel surfaced

The morale of the families of laborers increased

But the biggest relief at this time is that all the workers are safe. Everyone has been counted, everyone is being talked to. These audios and pictures are a great relief for the families of 41 workers trapped in the tunnel. They have been stuck in the dark tunnel for 10 days and are in bad condition outside, but now after this audio and video has surfaced, the morale of the workers as well as their families has increased. New hope for life has arisen.

Rescue operation intensified in the tunnel

The expert team is also using state-of-the-art technologies to rescue the workers. DRDO’s robotics machine team is currently present in the Silkyara Tunnel. Two 70 kg robots of DRDO have reached here, while the drone will also be flown afresh. Two DRDO robots have been brought inside the tunnel, one of which is 50 kg and the other is 20 kg. The drone could not give good results on the first day but today it will be flown once again.

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