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After 21 years, Samarth gave title to Bihar in Ghazal, people are crazy about his singing

Patna. Samarth Nahar, who belongs to the Mishra Gharana of Bhagalpur, Bihar, is carrying forward the fame of his family as a new generation. Three descendants of his family have expertise in music. Samarth is also moving forward on this path. He has spread the magic of his voice from the forums of Bihar to the national forums as well. In the year 2019, he was the winner in the music competition of All India Radio. Samarth also became the one who got Bihar the title in Ghazal after 21 years. Samarth says that I am trying to carry forward the tradition of my family since childhood.

Samarth says that when a group song was to be presented in a school program, then incidentally my voice was more attractive than the rest in the whole class. After that I got a chance to perform in school then I felt that I can do something in the field of singing. When the family members came to know about this, they were very happy. After that my Riyaz started. At that time I did not know that I belong to any musical gharana and singing is in my blood. My Riyaz phase continues. Ahmed Hussain and Mohammad Hussain are my teachers, I learn from them.

Samarth says that in my family three descendants of Nahar brothers are Pandit Raj Kumar Nahar (Tabla player), Pandit Santosh Kumar Nahar (Violin player) my father and elder father. Coming out of Patna University, he is known not only in the country but in the world for his jugalbandi of tabla and violin. These people have also shown their skills on the international stage. My grandfather Pandit Ram Naresh Mishra had expertise in every genre. All these people also used to learn dance. His name is counted among the masters in the field of singing.

Samarth says that he will go to Mohammad Aman of Jaipur for classical music training. Then after that I will try to take the legacy that I have got from my family to the country and the world.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 21, 2023, 19:13 IST

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